Content Creator Application (Full-Time)

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    1. Can you briefly introduce yourself and explain why you’re interested in this internship?

    2. What do you know about our brand, and what aspects of it appeal to you the most?

    3. How would you describe our brand's current identity and online presence?

    4. What strategies would you implement to improve our brand identity and online engagement?

    5. What specific types of content do you think would resonate most with our target audience?

    6. Can you provide examples of content you've created that you think align with our brand's style and values? Please include links if available.

    7. What tools and software do you use in your content creation process (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, social media management tools)?

    8. How do you stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in content creation and social media?

    9. Describe a time when you successfully improved a brand's online presence or engagement through your content. What was your approach and the result?

    10. What are your salary expectations for this internship?

    11. Do you have any questions about our brand or the specific expectations for this internship role?

    After submitting this form, please send some sample works through WhatsApp if you have done any recently (optional).